About epic DIYs

Thank you so much for visiting my blog where I round-up some of my favorite DIYs from around the internet. I love DIY and I find it so empowering to be able to build something successfully with your own two hands. This blog is meant to be encouraging and inspiring. I want each person who looks at it to find a project they think they can do on their own, or at the very least dream about doing it on their own.

I’ve been DIY-ing for years now. It started with crafts, lead to me being the general contractor to my home build, which then lead me to want to build my own projects to save money. I’ve tiled, I’ve trimmed, I’ve painted, I’ve built cabinets and I’m still learning. I love the process and the end product. I love watching others create. I’m here to bring some of my favorite projects into one celebrated space for your benefit.

If you’re interested in learning about DIY, there are so many lanes. You cannot go wrong. Dip your toe in one of the pools and see how it feels. Sometimes all it takes is step forward, toward a goal, no matter the size. Learning how to build things or decorate or craft doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a journey, and a very fulfilling one at that. I hope you find what you’re looking for here and if you don’t, ask me. I’d love to help you find what you’re looking for!